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A Blank Canvass


A friend of mine just opened his heart and eyes to the beauty of photography. He always had an eye for beautiful pictures, but it was only just recently that he developed his talents into skills.
I remember when I first realized my complete fascination with makeup. The colors would entrance my eyes and my imaginations would come to life. It was like painting. The makeup are my paints and the face- my canvass. Anybody who has an artistic hobby will tell you that our passions are more than just impulse. They lie within the spirit, hidden in the deepest caves of fiery love.

An artist, regardless of whether he/she would gain monetary value over his work, would continue to do what they do in the name of art. Unfortunately, not a lot of people see makeup as art. Especially not in the Philippine setting. Baby Boomers would despise the way Filipinas have evolved from blank canvasses to bold art pieces for faces. The Philippines is quite the conservative kind especially in the way women carry themselves. Let’s just say, simplicity is the way to go. Although, times have changed and the contemporary Filipina has risen above the dictatorship of conservativeness.

How do you find your artistic passions? For me, it came as a surprise. For some, it was cultivated. For others, developed from interests. Whichever way you discover your passions, the results are always the same. A beautiful piece, an instrument of expression and passion. Never be afraid to find yourself through arts. It’s not just a way to express yourself, it’s been found to be therapeutic too. So go ahead, pick that brush, camera or pencil up and let your imaginations craft inspirations.

P. S. I am not a model. Nor do I ever wish to be one. This was just a fun shoot my friend gladly did for me.

XOXO, Lovies




Types of Breakups


Breakups. They crush you so deep that you don’t seem to respond to reality even if it smacks you on the face. These contribute to why suicidals jump off bridges and buildings and why sadistics cut themselves like poultry meat.

Don’t get me wrong but I’m not, in any way, a love expert. But from my fair share of heartaches and comfort sessions with friends, here are a number of “types of breakups” I’ve summed up for you.

1. Expectations meet Reality

This happens when you’re extremely positive that this guy/girl is head over heels for you and that it won’t be long until you meet the parents. You’ve been kissing, holding hands, hugging and despite your “non-titled” relationship, people know you’re together. Just when you thought you’d hit cloud nine, reality smacks you on the face and for some reason, he/she wasn’t really that into you. The whole relationship falls apart right before it even started. And you start enumerating all the ” what if” situations in your head before you rest on your already tear-soaked pillow.

2. Forever is Too Long

You two have been in a relationship for the longest time. You’re just so comfortable with each other that you the thought of breaking up is nothing but a speck of dust on a spotless tabletop. Everyone knows you’re together. You know each other all to well that you memorize schedules, food preference, likes and dislikes, you even share the same playlist. But these types of relationships have a weakness too. You bicker over the littlest things and bring it up to a full scale fight. You wont break up that easily tho. But the fights will consume you like alcohol and you won’t be able to take it any longer. KNOCKDOWN! You part ways and you just cry at how much it hurts to be single again.

3. I love you but hate you too

These break ups are the most annoying ones. Not for the couple but for the people around the couple. They seem to be totally smitten over each other yet in a blink they turn into each other like wild beasts. They break up with a bang and then, about a week later, you hear bells chime because they’re together again. You do this for several times, trying to make the relationship work but in the end, you realize you’re tired and bored of the same heartache causing bimbo who clutters your life.

4. Fast and Furious

The relationship was a whirlwind of events that somehow led you together. It was fast but at that moment, you really didn’t notice nor did you care. You’ve done everything in a month or two when other couples would take atleast 4 months to accomplish. You’ve done it all, you’ve felt it all and then you lose it all. Instantaneously, you’ve lost your lovelife to a point of nothingness and you leave each other angry or without closure.

5. Cheaters Creepers

These are the worst kind of breakups. He treats you right and you’re positive that he’s madly inlove with you too. You’ve grown fond of each other. You feel like he’s the one until you open his phone and see a name (totally beyond anything similar to yours) in his inbox with a heart at the end. All hell breaks loose and you’re hurt,frustrated, murderous and angry all at the same time.

6. Jack and Rose

Those heartbreaking stories where a god foresaken external hindrance just breaks them up. Like distance or time, they’re forced to live separate lives away from each other. They soon forget about each other but every now and then they wake up in the middle of the night and a flood of memories come through. You know they’re for each other like icecream and hot fudge but the cup breaks in half.

Regardless of whether you’ve experienced one of these (or all of these. Let me know), what’s common about all of them is that you curl up in bed at night, sob yourself to sleep. You also wipe off that stream line of running mascara off your face because you caught yourself staring emptily into blank space. It takes months to truely move and you just have embrace singlehood even when you didn’t want to. Break ups are hard. They suck the life out of you. So, live it up. When someone tries to shatter you, pick yourself up, dust off your shoulders and walk forward into the world’s unknown future.

Share your thoughts. Comment below.
xoxoxo, Pat❤


The Ugly Truth of Being Beautiful


Everyday, I wake up and get ready through a routine that involves applying a bit of blu


sh and shaping my brows and deciding what to wear.  I make sure that I would at least look presentable to the people I’d be interacting with through out the day.  I ask myself a question that I’m sure everyone else asks themselves too: “How do I look?”

We live in a generation where physical attributes and appearance inevitably dictates our career, life choices and self esteem. So, when someone tells you cliché a quote like “Beauty is skin deep” or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, think again. In an article published in Forbes magazine, women who looked better than their

 colleagues have increased chances of getting a promotion. Consequently, we know that our physical appearance would dictate a future employer’s decision.  Employment will always be dictated by first impressions. Dress right, and you get the job. Dress shabbily, and you know your pockets would hit rock bottom.

Would you say that this is the “ideal” beauty?

We cannot also deny the lavish admiration and obsession that we have with beauty pageants.  We stay tuned to international beauty contests like they’re breaking news. We can’t help but awe and shudder at the same time of how graceful these ladies walk on stage with their designer gowns. Even fairytales would subtly tell us that good people are beautiful people and that bad people are simply the ugly ones.


As a freelance makeup artist, I have worked with various women, whether they were mothers, career women or models and they all want the same thing. A pointier and longer nose, higher cheek bones, flawless skin, longer lashes and shaped eyebrows. As an artist, I sculpt and shape their faces with my makeup brush, after all they are my clients and their satisfaction is my number one priority.

The media contributes heavily toward the influence of the “ideal” beauty. Everyday, we are bombarded with ads of beauty products and the latest fashion trends that feature unrealistically skinny models. These ads would make the consumer reflect about his/her own physicality because the advertisements have strongly implied a certain standard of how one should look.

One way or another, we are going to face the ugly truth that our world is manipulated by the norms of beauty and perfection. And that in a way,we are all gradually working to improve our physical beings based on airbrushed, edited models and Barbie dolls.  And although no one could point out what or who exactly is beautiful, we know that essentially, beauty is what is visually pleasing.  Thus, beauty serves as an influential platform in our society.  It is the very reason why women are manically depressed and brought down yet in the same way we mostly take pride in. Some might still shake their heads but we all know that we desire the same things and that is to be truly BEAUTIFUL.

❤ Pat

These are google images when the entered word is "beauty"

These are google images when the entered word is “beauty”

Courage: Post-Valentine’s Day Thoughts


With Valentine’s Day over, I’ve realized a few things about myself and this “well marketed” holiday.


While I was commuting from my house to the city, I can’t help but notice all the red heart shaped balloons and the flower vendors selling bouquets on the streets. A lot of thoughts came streaming through my mind and I knew I had to write (or rant) about this. Those thoughts came interrupted by the wailing of a firetruck that zoomed passed the jeepney I rode ( about 46 families lost their homes because of a fire on V-day). Just as I went down the jeepney, lo and behold, I see girls bringing bouquets with big grins on their faces and guys hastily buying last minute bouquets to surprise the lucky girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond from being a bitter single on a Valentine’s Day. I had my fair share of the surprises, after all. I was lucky enough to go on a date with a friend and receive flowers and that was enough to make me feel special. But what bothers me the most is how much consumerism and marketing has influenced that day.

Husbands, boyfriends, friends are pressed to purchase something to give to their loved one on Valentine’s day. It’s ironic how much money a guy could actually shell out of his wallet just to make the girl feel special. Here’s something for the boys, you don’t need to empty your pockets to show your love. Heck, you’ve got 364 days to show her how much you love her. And girls, don’t blame your guy for making you feel like crap just because he didn’t give you a big enough bouquet or a box of expensive chocolate. You’re lucky enough to be with someone who loves you.

Valentine’s day was celebrated in line with the feast day of Saint Valentine. In ancient greek, Valentine is derived from the word “valence” which meant courage. Courage to express you affection to you loved one or courage to let go, who knows. With the holiday or not, don’t forget to show how much you love the person. After all, in this life, you don’t always get second chances. Flowers, chocolates, gifts are just symbols to express your love. In lieu of the expensive gifts and the grand surprises, plant a kiss on her forehead and whisper those heart-melting-three-word phrase.What matters, is the sincerity of your heart.

Because love, before it is expressed, it is primarily felt. Hence, you cannot express if you do not feel.

Despite Valentine’s Day being over, take the rest of your year to show the world your love. And don’t limit yourself. We celebrate Valentine’s day not just with our better half or a special someone, we celebrate it with family and friends who showed us how to love, too. Who knows, you might actually just inspire others to love as well.

Spread the love, not the legs, Lovies!

xoxo, Pat ❤


The Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Just recently, we visited my mother’s home city of Dumaguete. For all you geography junkies, Dumaguete City is the capital city of the province of Negros Oriental. The beautiful island of Negros is located on the left( I suck at geography so excuse my incompetence..) of Cebu.

We visited to pay tribute to our departed loved ones on the 2nd of November, All Souls Day. So we stayed there for a few days after that and basked in its small town atmosphere. It’s quite different from Cebu despite it being called a city already.


Here’s a photo I took while I was on a morning walk on Rizal Boulevard. These are aged Acacia trees that provide shade along the half of the boulevard. When Christmas season comes, they usually decorate these trees with beautiful lights made out of capiz that are shaped like balls. My uncles and aunts used to call it ” Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. I’m not sure when, why or how they got that name but I guess they have a fond memory or an inside joke of this place because you can see the grins on their faces when they utter those words.

I’m pretty sure I’m visiting the City of Friendly People soon, so I have more photos to share with you guys 🙂 Keep posted Lovies!


Pat ❤

Debut: A Filipina Steps Out as a Lady


I was thinking of a great topic to write about so I can update this blog. I’ve been missing out on action for some time now. I’ve been quite busy with a lot of things and attending all these social events is one.

I’ve realized that I actually spent my whole year attending various debuts of various themes and styles. Some are formal, extravagant if you may call it, while some are just simple get togethers with family and close friends.

For my dear non-Filipino readers, a debut is a coming out party celebrated when a Filipina turns 18. On her 18th birthday, it is traditional that she invites 18 gentlemen bringing 18 roses to dance with her, 18 ladies to wish her with 18 candles and 18 close family and friends who give her 18 treasures that she will use as she takes a new phase in her life. Among other 18s, there are the 18 shots ( for the outgoing) and 18 thousands ( for the money savvy). Now, these debuts have various themes, depending on the debutant’s personality or preference. There are wide ranges of themes if you just let you imagination work. Among some themes that I have attended to would be: formal masquerade balls, wild west, hawaiian, royalty, halloween,butterflies etc… The list goes on, actually. Here are some pictures to show you guys of what I’m actually babbling about:Image

Carla’s Cowgirl Themed Party: The theme really reflected her personality. Unique and quirky. 🙂

Below is Claire’s Halloween Themed Party: this was great because halloween was just a day or so away. Very timely 🙂



Kate’s Princess Themed Debut: I attended this one with my parents because we are family friends. 🙂 Very put together, lady like…

Below is Maggie’s Hawaiian Themed Debut: she looked stunning in that blue dress.  I also hosted the event 🙂



Lastly, Shanen’s Blue and Yellow Debut: She took the inspiration from butterflies as you can see on the cupcakes. 🙂


Let me just share that my 18th birthday is coming up soon, and apparently yes, it’s also a big deal that I celebrate it. But unlike most of the debuts that I have attended, I’m keeping mine simple and quaint. Since I’m also asking for a huuuuuge gift from my parents, a simple celebration would be most appropriate, don’t you think?  Tell me what you think …Keep posted for my celebration too…

XOXO Lovies,

Pat ❤